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  1. "Blaencamel Organic Food. My wife ordered a box from this farm online and booked a tuesday delivery slot. She was contacted soon after to be told that they don't have a full Van on Tueday and they can deliver on Wednesday. If she still wanted a Tuesday delivery she will have to pay more. No delivery on Wednesday. She called them no answer. Still no delivery on Thursday. She called them and Louis answered and said its been delivered. Left on the porch and hung up on her. She called them back to say it hasn't been delivered, Louis called her a liar and not to order from them again. After several calls, blame and counter blame it turned out they delivered to the wrong address. Then she was told to go and pick it up from the address they delivered to. Judge for yourself. If you were dealing with a company for the first time and were treated like she was what would you do. I'd say stick to bigger companies who know how to give a professional service as Blaencamel Organic foods DO NOT know what service is. Companies like Blaencamel will not survive in this market for long with employees like Louis who open their mouth before checking the facts."


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