July 4, 2013


I'm updating from a tent!

Luxembourg is super pretty!

We have done 2 days of biking. It's not really mountain biking and we should have brought road bikes, but it is very well marked and circular!

Brewer half is disappointed at the flatness and paved-ness of this mountain bike trail.

Our campsite has a stream through the middle. How awesome is that!!??

And tonight we made the
Most incredible camping stove dinner ever

Just threw together some
BBQ chicken and german sausage In a mushroom and tomato sauce.

We are missing some camping essentials and I have some
Tent jealousy, brewer half does
not like big tents but I don't
Like being rained on. We both like this a lot tho

Perhaps we will get/make one for our next adventure! Scotland in september?

July 2, 2013

Hello from luxembourg

I'm posting from my phone while sitting by a campsite in Luxembourg. This is pretty sweet. The BBQ is heading up right now.

Soon we will have some tasty tasty burgers. And grilled zucchini, because eating veggies while camping takes some serious work!
Today at aldi we went camping shopping. I saw these trader joes items:

How strange! I also checked the freezer section and was excited to see frozen escargot

We are staying at an adorable campsite in the north of luxembourg, and spending our evenings drinking fine Belgium beer chilled in a river

Our tent is the smallest one, but it is still awesome

And that's the story of Rachel in wales in luxembourg!

July 1, 2013

June Recap!

I'm backdating this post, because I was out in Luxemburg when it started being July, and I was busy camping and drinking fine Belgian beer!

I have to say, June was an excellent month.  I was hoping life would get sorted in May, and hinted at the stress (which was the visa) but when the visa came through, on the 28th of June, it was like everything was falling into place.  We've fully moved into our house, I made it 6 months in my new job, and I have my passport back and can plan all the fun adventures I want.

Excercise-wise, June was pretty sweet as well:

I did my first 10k, and it was lots of fun!

I did a lot more cycling in June, and even entered the Ajax time trials!

I cycled 228 Miles in June, which is 23 Miles more than May.  Horray!

I ran 13 miles in June, which is .5 miles more than May.  I really thought I did more - need to get out to park run more!

There are some exciting things coming up in July, the first already happened - my holiday to Belgium and Luxembourg!!

My little terrace garden is growing loads and hopefully July will be a tomato-tastic month for me!

And at the end of this month is the Cymmer Triathlon  which I am excited and nervous for!  I better do some hill reps and some swimming and some running!  I've gone for the longer distance this year, 600m swim, 20.8k MTB (hills!) and 6k run.

The sun is actually out this week as well, Welsh weather never looks this good!

Here's  to an awesome July!!
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